Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama Goes to School

I could not care less that Obama is giving a speech to American schoolchildren. I've always thought it was a nice thing to have the picture of the current President hanging in the school somewhere along with a few other notables like Washington and Lincoln. Presidents should be able to address children - remember it was the Left that made such a big deal out of W and too many minutes spent in front of schoolchildren as he tried to digest what had just happened to New York City without freaking the kids out.

There is a minor problem and two major problems with Obama has done in this instance.

Minor Problem: Taking a slot of children's time to do this all at the same time rather than making one speech at one school and having it thrown on a DVD and sent to schools so that they could choose to show it where and when they wanted to. Nobody would have been the wiser. You'd be shocked at the stuff kids are forced to watch - "Insignificant Truth", anyone?

It's the Orwellian telescreen "address to the children"(!!!) quality that even brought it to the forefront.

Major Problem 1: Obama is EVERYWHERE all the time. He cannot stand to be off the television for more than a day. He and his administration believe that his rhetoric has the quality of spun gold. They have not caught up to the fact that a) it doesn't and b) the American people cannot be inundated 24x7 with anything including the mellifluousness of Barack Obama.

Major Problem 2: Obama has lost the trust of many of the American people. Obama has historically associated with Leftist radicals and, since he has come into office, has governed far to the Left of the political center. Anything he does now will be examined and, possibly rejected. This is the same thing that happened to Bush. Unfortunately, it's happened to Obama after just 7 months on the job.

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