Monday, September 7, 2009

MSM Failure

The MSM failed in THREE major ways on this story:

1. They failed to investigate this man when he was appointed to this position. As long as Obama is going to appoint people to major positions in his administration through methods that avoid congressional oversight, it's up to the news media to do their job by reporting on their backgrounds.
2. They decided not to pick up the story after Glenn Beck began pursuing it. This is because they wanted to make Glenn Beck the story instead.
3. When Van Jones resigned, they covered it using the most mealy-mouthed language. They stressed that he had to resign because he called Republicans assholes or because conservatives were calling him a communist or because his name appeared on a list related to 9/11.

Any congressman who votes for federal funding to support major media outlets as they go bankrupt will find himself facing an opponent funded by me.

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