Thursday, October 22, 2009

We All Have Jobs

One of the major arguments I've heard advanced to support Roman Polanski, lover of young girls, is that the prosecutor or "the Americans", in international shorthand, were overzealous in their pursuit of a 70+ year old artiste/rapist. Defenders of Polanski have asked, "why are the Americans pursuing an old man for non-rape-rape crimes he committed decades ago?". They say - "Just let it go man".

Well, as you know, prosecutors don't work for free. They get paid to do a job. Defenders of Polanski may only see those who get paid millions of dollars to put images and sound on film as the only true laborers but, in fact, there's this whole other class of laborers out there. They are typically called the "middle class" and it is their job to get up every morning, go to work and make the world run. For example, deputy districty attorneys, police officers, detectives, etc. These people are work their tails off to ensure that everyone from shoplifters to burglars to sexual deviants are brought to justice. Sure, it has to be nice for them to be able to say they worked on the Roman Polanski case and brought the famous scofflaw to justice. It's also their job.

So, Scorcese, think about this - just as it's wonderful to win an Oscar for your work, it's also wonderful for others to see thousands of hours of labor spread across decades finally bear fruit.

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