Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh this is too funny

Remind me. Is it the Left that loves to claim that they are the ones who've mastered the art of "nuance" while the Right flails away in a black and white world? I thought so.

Well, Media Matters decided to post a printed pages long post about all of Rush's racially charged statements. For God's sake - wouldn't it have made more sense for them to pick out the 3-5 things that people can agree could be taken as offensive by some? Instead they list dozens of things that Rush has said that are nuanced and part of a long and potentially valid line of argument. If you listened to MM, you would have to believe that any conservative who mentions race in any way is a racist. Oh wait, that is what they believe. Something tells me they aggregated all of the Rush transcripts that George Soros pays people to compile and did a Ctrl+F on "black", "african" and "Obama".

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