Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trutherism: What does Obama Believe?

The question is not, "does President Obama believe that Bush knew of or was complicit in 9/11?". I'm sure he doesn't. First, because it's ludicrous on its face. Second, because if he became President of the USA and information was shared with him that indicated as much and he did nothing to prosecute the Bush administration for it, then he is an accomplice after the fact.

The question is, "does Obama believe that it's acceptable for anybody to hold those views?". His reaction to the Van Jones/truther news indicates to me that he does
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs limited his remarks about Jones on Friday, saying only that he "continues to work in this administration." As to the Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists, Gibbs said, "It's not something the president agrees with."
And if it's true that Obama believes Trutherism is an acceptable view, that's reprehensible. If he doesn't believe that it's unacceptable, but is unwilling to say so for fear of alienating the 35% of Democrats that do, then that's reprehensible as well.

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