Friday, September 18, 2009

Legalizing Illegals

If Obama really wants to destroy his hopes for a 2nd term, he really should push forward with a plan to legalize illegal immigrants, i.e. amnesty. It was rejected by conservatives and independents alike when Bush, the compassionate conservative, pushed for it and will be rejected by them again under Obama.

Way back in 2007, when it was proposed and rejected, there had been no $1T TARP bill. There had been no $1T stimulus package. There were no legislative proposals for green initiatives or for universal healthcare, both of which will cost Americans massive amounts of money.

But, some will argue, if you give automatic amnesty to illegal immigrants, you will immediately expand the tax base. Those formerly illegal, non-income tax paying residents will now be forced to pay taxes. Unfortunately, we're not talking about high-income earners which, as we know, are the ones who actually pay the bulk of income taxes. We're talking about largely uneducated, low-income earners who will contribute virtually nothing and will require government services.

We do not have a bunch of physicians and lawyers here illegally who are making money without paying taxes. Low-income earners consume more in government services than they pay in.

And, unlike 2007 when we had a liberal Congress checked by a moderately conservative President, we are now dealing with a far-left government that is expanding entitlements and, therefore, the demands on the US taxpayer. American independents and conservatives will reject any such plan in a vociferous way and Democrats will call it racism. Thankfully, they have already diluted the hell out of that word and my guess is the charge won't stick.

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