Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jonah Goldberg on the VA's Death Book

Specifically on the appearance by Iraqi war veteran and Assistant Secretary of the VA, Tammy Duckworth:

The administration sent her out to defend the book and to push back against Jim
Towey, who first raised the issue. While she admirably held her own, her talking points were often very, very lame (she kept insinuating that Towey's bitter his $5 book isn't free of charge to vets).
As I watched the piece this morning, I was thinking the same thing that Jonah was probably thinking - rather than send the Secretary of the Veteran's Administration out to defend what looks like a pretty poor choice, they picked out a disabled Assistant Secretary, thinking her combat injuries would shield her and them from real criticism. Thankfully, Chris Wallace is a real journalist and did not shy away from asking hard questions.

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