Friday, August 7, 2009

I Am Concerned

When Democrats marched in the streets from 2001-2009, the media treated it in a very different way than they're treating the current flareup. There was no hand-wringing about the Democratic party acting in an uncivil manner. If anything it was either treated as 1) not demonstrative of the broader Democratic party or 2) a legitimate form of expression of dissatisfaction with Bush.

Today, we have the media and the DNC treating the outpouring of anger and emotion as some form of radicalism. We have Speaker Pelosi suggesting that those attending town halls and Tea Party rallies are carrying swatsikas with them as if they're modern day Nazis. We have Deputy Chief of Staff suggesting, "if you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard" which is very dangerous rhetoric. We have the media covering these incidents as if participants are outside the mainstream.

I agree that Birthers come across as delusional and do nothing positive for the fight against Obama's radical policies. I've said that before. But by focusing on the Birthers and not on the anger of the other libertarians, conservatives and independent moderates the media is doing no service to the cause of bipartisanship. They are only stoking the fire. I am concerned that this could all turn into a violent conflagration.

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