Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Follow Rachel Brown

She was the one confronted by Barney Frank yesterday for holding an Obama as Hitler sign. This article names her.

Doing a quick search on her name and LaRouche yields the following: As a guest on the LaRouche show as "LaRouche Youth movement activist, Rachel Brown"


How Many Portland Youth Are Going to Join the LYM? (LaRouche Youth Movement)
LaRouche's Youth Movement, because we have the guts to fight on principle, and test our own ideas of "truth," are always a catalytic force. It's actually impossible if you're doing these things not to be. Here again, we represented the principle of the general welfare to those that were looking, and capitalized on a ripe situation to win Oregon for Kerry, by 52% to Bush's 46%, and to get Democrats in, for the Senate race, and in four out of five House races.
Evidently she also thought Dick Cheney was Hitleresque as well:

Brown: Okay, my question is what you brought up recently in your interview with Stockwell, about this deep hatred of Dick Cheney, in the leadership of this country. That's a pretty interesting characteristic that you brought up, sort of an added principle, to the political situation. But, I was thinking of this, in context of what occurred around Hitler. That, yes, of course, there was opposition to him, but there wasn't anything done. And there was an attempt at assassination, but it was unsuccessful. So, that probably threw people into even more fear. So, they
weren't able to actually organize in a correct manner.

So, bringing in, what you've brought about this idea in your paper on the "Pericles syndrome," about the individual in society, and that the individual only locates their identity in this dynamic relationship to the entire historical process, of society and humanity as a whole. So, looking at this identity, and how do we get this identity into the leadership now; and also not use it just to get Cheney out, but also to carry through the needed, vital steps that need to be taken now, to reorganize the economic system.

Update II:

An article (in French) about the LaRouche Youth Movement with a picture of Rachel Brown juxtaposed against the picture of her from the Barney Frank conference:

Note: I think she was supposed to be imitating Nancy Pelosi in the pic on the right.

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