Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama Wants To Control 39% of the Economy

It cannot be said enough, so let me link back to an old Tigerhawk post from last month. Quoting liberally:

Perhaps a number will help: 35%. That is the aggregate percentage of United States GDP produced by the three industries that the Democrats hope to restructure from the top down: Health care (17% of GDP), energy (9.8% of GDP), and financial services (8% of GDP). Think about that. Without even considering the transformational impact of proposed anti-business laws of general application, such as the Orwellian "employee free choice act," the Obama administration wants to redesign 35% of gross domestic product from the center. And he proposes to do it all in a rush this summer, lest the decline in his popularity and that of the Congressional Democrats erodes his power to do so.

MORE: A reader makes the useful point that one might also plausibly include the 4% of GDP attributable to the automotive industry. The 39% solution?

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