Friday, July 24, 2009

All Obama, All the Time

Good post up over at the Corner on Obama's overexposure which quotes from a NYT piece by Peter Baker:
In the past four days, Mr. Obama gave “exclusive” interviews to Jim Lehrer of PBS, Katie Couric of CBS and Meredith Vieira of NBC. He gave two interviews to The Washington Post on one day, one to the editorial page editor and one to news reporters. He held a conference call with bloggers. His hourlong session in the East Room on Wednesday night was his second news conference of the day. And on Thursday, he invited Terry Moran of ABC to spend the day with him for a “Nightline” special.

The thrust of piece is that there is a chance that Obama's rhetoric loses its power after too much overuse. I would argue that an additional problem is that people are seeing a President who is spending all of his time talking to the press and little doing actual, you know, work.

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  1. It also shows signs of despiration. We all know his position, I don't need to be reminded 10 times a week.